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Why Understanding Your Audience is the Key to a Successful Brand

January 23, 2019 / Branding / Guest Post: Kristin Pruis, Owner & Creative Design Consultant of K Design Co.

When someone asks about your brand, what comes to mind? I’m guessing you probably think of your logo, color palette, and fonts, but what about your target audience? Though your target audience is a crucial component of your brand, it can easily be overlooked when you are laying the foundation for your business. Here’s why that is a huge mistake.

Your Audience Gives Meaning To Your Brand

Your target audience should be at the center of every aspect of your brand. After all, they are the entire reason your brand exists. Even though it is your brand, it really should be built on the premise of serving your ideal client or customer first. If your brand only focuses on yourself, it’s not really helpful or useful to anyone but you. That’s why whether you aim to serve small businesses, startups or entrepreneurs, your target audience should be the focus of everything you do.

Your audience should guide important business decisions

When you put your focus on your audience first it forces you to make decisions that will naturally benefit them. For example, because I know that my audience is a busy female entrepreneur trying to take things off of her plate and pass onto someone else, I probably would not offer her checklists, templates or courses. Instead, I might offer her done-for-you graphic design services that give her time to focus on her area of expertise and take some of the load off of her. This example shows that because I understand what my target audience really needs and wants that I can better tailor my services towards them.

Your audience is your biggest fan

The more you can serve your audience the best solutions to their problems, the better. And the better you serve your clients and customers, the more you will get referrals and positive feedback about your brand. This will become a repeating cycle and it’s the easiest and quickest way to exponentially grow your business. Having a tribe of raving fans provides social proof to others that you really know your stuff so people will have more confidence to buy from your brand.

So many people like to focus on their visuals first when creating their brand, but this is the wrong approach. Mastering who your target audience is and really understanding what is important and valuable to them is the true key to having a successful brand. You should only focus on the visuals for your brand once you ensure that you’ve got the basics tackled. What are your thoughts? Do you have a handle of who your target audience is or do you still need some help?