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The Ins and Outs of Creating a Brand: Brand Guide Part Two

February 19, 2019 / Branding

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Last month, I introduced a new series to the Grace Built Blog: The Ins and Outs of Creating a Brand. Throughout this four-part series, we will be discussing all of the essential aspects of creating a memorable brand, that works for your audience and drives sales. We will walk through a brand evaluation, discuss finding your target audience, learn more about moodboards, color theory, plus typography, and touch on setting brand objectives. This article will focus on two important aspects of your branding; setting brand objectives and brand tone.

If that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry! We have broken this up into four separate posts, so you have time to consume each post, and work on implementing what you have learned. By the end, you should have all the tools you need for creating a brand that stands the test of time. Shall we get started?

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Setting Brand Objectives

What are brand objectives? Brand objectives are just the goals of your brand. These objectives can include both financial end-goals and the shorter-term steps you can take to achieve those end-goals. It can include things such as:

    • Market Share
    • Recognition
    • Awareness
    • Engagement
    • Brand Loyalty

It is important when you are thinking about your brand as a whole to determine what your brand objectives are so you have a place of reference for making decisions. These goals should be both realistic and measurable. For example, you don’t just want to say something like “increase our profits” because that goal is not measurable. You need to set timelines, end goals, and a plan of attack. A better way to phrase this objective: Increase our profits by 50% over the next quarter (three months) by creating a sales funnel on our website.

A great way to think about your brand objectives is in both the long-term and the short-term.

    • List out the short-term (over the next quarter) goals you have for your business.
    • For each goal, write down the ways your branding can help (or has helped you) achieve these goals.
    • List out the long-term goals for your business.
    • For each goal, write down the ways your branding can help (or has helped you) achieve these goals.

Once you have these objectives, be sure to pencil in time in your schedule, weekly or monthly, to review your goals and measure your achievements. You don’t have to be married to these goals – you can revise as needed – but remember that you can always change your tactic, rather than the goal if you are not meeting your expectations.

Brand Tone

How you communicate with your audience is an important part of your brand and one that is often overlooked. Your target audience is going to help shape what the tone of your brand voice is. Remember: your tone of voice is not what you say, but how you say it. And this tone should inform all of your written content. Consistency with your brand voice is important to building your brand. Why is it important?

    • It shows your customers who you are as a brand, and as people
    • It sets you apart from your competitors
    • Familiarity builds trust
    • Carefully chosen words can influence people

One way to figure out your brand voice is through the following steps:

    • Write down the core values of your company. These are what you and your company stand for.
    • Write down 3-5 adjectives (feminine, loud, luxury, modern, playful, etc.) that describe your brand.
    • If you already have content, analyze it. Find three key pieces that feel unique to your brand. Do these three pieces of content communicate your core values and brand adjectives?
    • Think about this: if your brand were a person, how would you describe it?
    • How does your target audience communicate?

.For more information about creating your tone of voice, you can read this detailed post by Distilled: Finding Your Brand’s Voice: How To Shape A Tone of Voice.

Next Up in the Brand Guide

That’s it for today! Not too overwhelming, I hope?! If you have any questions about these two steps to creating a brand, please leave a comment below or email me at courtney@gracebuiltco.com. In part three of this series, we will be discussing moodboards. It’s going to be a good one, so I hope to see you there!

Need help determine the needs + goals of your brand?
Download our 9-page workbook to get started!