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The Difference Between Pinterest Business vs Personal Accounts

August 1, 2022 / Marketing

Pinterest Business vs. Personal Accounts

We’ve previously written about the amazing benefits of Pinterest for small business which range from increasing brand authority to driving targeted website traffic. If you are a small business and looking to take advantage of Pinterest to promote your business, then grabbing a business account can help you get ahead. Taking full advantage will mean knowing the differences, Pinterest Business vs Personal Accounts here’s what you need to know!

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The Differences Between Pinterest Business vs Personal Accounts

Pinterest Business Account Features

The core Pinterest business account features are often divided into four sections. These are:

Now let’s explore these business account features in detail to see the extra benefits of Pinterest business vs personal accounts.

Pinterest Business Hub

The business hub section offers a concise overview of your business account. This section has a user interactive interface that lets businesses attain the relevant information. The section provides information including the Pinterest business resources, ads overview, and analytics overview.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest ads allow businesses to promote their content and let them reach their target audience. Contrary to other social media platforms, users on Pinterest make more purchases. So, it’s more feasible and monetary to run ads on Pinterest when you are offering services or selling products.

Pinterest advertising, like Facebook ads manager, offers a comprehensive overview. You can create ads, view, edit, and review them as well as can explore the history of your advertisements on Pinterest.

Pinterest Create

This is a section that allows businesses to create simple pins and add product pins. You can also run business campaigns or quick ads to support your marketing strategy. Business users can create pins in bulk and can schedule their posting according to their marketing plan.

The create section also enables business users to use Pinterest’s keyword tool to optimize their pins. This allows your target audience to see your pins and index your content for search engines. This generates organic traffic which is why Pinterest is more popular among small businesses as a social media platform.

Pinterest Analytics

The best you get from a Pinterest business account is the analytics feature. This is a section that enables small businesses to explore their target audience and study their behavior. Thus, they can understand the behavior of their target audience and know which type of content is more suitable for them. In addition, businesses can monitor their progress and measure their performance with Pinterest analytics.

How to Get Followers on Pinterest for Business

Through precision marketing and by conducting a Pinterest audit you can get the most out of Pinterest. Follow the below practices to get followers on Pinterest without a hassle.

Optimize Your Profile

On Pinterest, your business profile is completely searchable, and you should optimize it for better results. Write a compelling bio by using the relevant search terms to optimize it for search engines. We recommend using terms and keywords that are relevant to your industry or niche. This will improve your visibility and Pinterest will start showing your profile to the target audience.

Post Unique Images

Pinterest is all about visual content and offering users something unique. If you are trying to use Pinterest for business, you should focus on posting original images with better UI. Around 84% of Pinterest users buy products after being inspired by the images.

This is not a small number if you compare it to other social media platforms. You can boost your sales only by posting unique images, graphics, and infographics.

Focus on a Specific Audience

It does not matter how vast your target audience is. As a business, you should always focus on generating quality leads instead of improving views. The best way to target a specific audience is by narrowing down your targeted users. You should create content on Pinterest for people who are looking for the exact services or products that your business offers. Once you have captured this specific audience, you can start expanding your audience circle.

Takeaway Words

Upgrading to a Pinterest business account is easy and with so many advantages for small business you would be crazy not to. Wondering how to get started with boards, pins and optimize your profile on Pinterest? Stay posted for our next post all about how the  Pinterest for small business.