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Everything I Read In Spring 2021

May 13, 2021 / Books

Good Dogs Don’t Make It To The South Pole


Everything I Read in Spring 2021.

I wanted to love this book….it is narrated by a dog. Should be lovable, right?! Unfortunately, I was disappointed. There was a bit too much violence to animals mentioned in this novel for me to enjoy it. While the main character, Tassen, and his owner Mrs. Thorkildsen were both lovable characters, the plot was sometimes a bit hard to stomach and the ending was heart wrenching.

This Goodreads description sums it up well: “Good Dogs Don’t Make It to the South Pole is a darkly comedic and whimsical portrayal of aging and death told through a dog’s friendship with an elderly woman.” If that is your thing, and you don’t mind a bit of violence, you might love this one, but for me, it’s not one I will be recommending.

Final Score: 2/5 or C-

A Wealth of Pigeons

Non-Fiction / Humor / Comic

Everything I Read in Spring 2021.

This comic book, written by Steve Martin and illustrated by his friend Harry Bliss is truly delightful. Steve was the mastermind behind the one-line jokes (if you want to call them that) and Bliss (a New Yorker cartoonist) brought those words to life with his sketches/cartoons. While it does offer some humorous commentary on life, it is also just a fun, lighthearted project that will bring some joy to your life. And we could all use that right now. And, truth be told, it will make you nostalgic for your childhood as the cartoons are very reminiscent of old-school local newspaper humor.

If you need a pick me up, I definitely recommend picking this one up!

Final Score: 5/5 or A

In Five Years

Fiction / Romance / Contemporary

Everything I Read in Spring 2021.

This book has come highly recommended in the book blogger world, so I was curious to get my hands on it. The premise was very intriguing: A lawyer wakes up, in a different apartment, with a ring on her finger, and man she doesn’t know, five years in the future. Sounds good, right?! And, it was!

It was 100% not what I expected and was more thoughtful and consuming than I anticipated. It has romance, heartbreak, joy and friendship all tied up into a beautiful package. It is a quick read and perfect for a vacation – so if you have sunshine in your calendar, grab this one from your local library!

Final Score: 4/5 or B+

The Lion’s Den

Fiction / Thriller

Everything I Read in Spring 2021

The Lion’s Den is one of those books you know you will like, but I didn’t expect it to be AS good as it was! I really loved this novel. While it definitely falls into the beach read category, it was also one of those un-put-down-able books. This book follows Bella as she joins her ex-best friend on her billionaire boyfriends yatch for her birthday. Sounds boring enough…but soon you learn that Bellas trip is going to be more nightmare than vacation.

Weaving between the girls past friendship and fallout, to the present day, The Lion’s Den takes you on a trip, with a twist you think you see coming, but then still surprises you. Enjoy!

Final Score: 4/5 or A-


Fiction / Thriller

Everything I Read in Spring 2021.

Back to back thrillers this month, that did not disappoint! The Holdout was another title I picked up because it has such an intriguing premise: A juror turned lawyer that convinced her fellow jurors to not convict a man of murder, ends up on trial for the murder of one of those jury members years later. I mean, how could that not be an interesting novel?! I will admit, the start was fairly slow and I thought it was gonna miss the mark, but it turned around a quarter way through and then took me on a ride.

I will say up until it was revealed, I had not idea who the killer was or how this story was going to end. While some of the plot line was far-fetched, for me that didn’t take away from the fun for me!

Final Score: 3/5 or B

The Aviator’s Wife

Historical Fiction

Everything I Read in Spring 2021.

As one of my mom’s favorite books, this has been on my TBR pile for a few years now. Coming in at 416 pages, I just kept pushing it further down the list, but something finally sparked my interest and I started reading it, and now I’m upset with myself for not picking it up sooner.

This novel follows the life of Charles Lindbergh’s wife, Anne, from their first time meeting, to his death. While I don’t know how much is real and how much is truly fictionalized, I will say it does feel like it pulls back the curtain on one of society’s most famed heroes. This book covers a lot of ground and is a heartbreaking journey, but 100% worth a read!

Final Score: 4/5 or B+

The Nickel Boys

Historical Fiction

Everything I Read in Spring 2021.

This is one of our Social Issues Book Club picks, and come highly recommended from the public and book reviewers alike. Colson Whiteheads previous novel, The Underground Railroad, is one of my most recommended titles, so I had high hopes for The Nickel Boys. Based on a real all-boys reform school in Florida, this book follows Elwood Curtis from a young age, through his time at the school, and weaves back and forth through his present day life as an adult and business owner.

This book will leave feeling angry, teary eyed and heartbroken for the lives of the boys who spent time at this reform school. Suffering both physical and sexual abuse, and murder for some, this book can be hard to get through but is a much needed fictional account of the brutality these young men faced. Beautifully written, as all Whiteheads books are, I highly recommend picking this one up.

Final Score: 4/5 or B+

Creativity: A Short Guide


Everything I Read in Spring 2021.

“A Short Guide” is accurate. This small book comes in at just over a 100 pages, but it is more of a blog post than a book. Marketed as a guide to creativity, the author, an acclaimed film writer, offers his guidance and wisdom on finding inspiration, coming up with better ideas, and refining ideas. While I can see this being helpful for someone just started out in a creative industry, I did find it to be redundant and filled with content and tools that most creatives already know and use. I don’t write it off completely because it is a easy read and can help if you are stuck on a problem, but I wouldn’t say it was groundbreaking or new.

Final Score: 3/5 or C+

Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982

Fiction / Literary

Everything I Read in Spring 2021.

This book, is, just wow. The highly awarded short novel follows the life of Kim Jiyoung, recounted by her male therapist, set in Korea as it is advancing and passing new legislation against gender discrimination. Sent to therapy by her husband after she begins falling into a psychosis, her doctor struggles to figure out what is ailing her. Recounting a life of misogyny, submission and discrimination, it feels very timely and relevant. For me, the last few pages are what really push this book from a 3-star read into the 4-star category!

Final Score: 4/5 or B+