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5 Newsletters To Sign Up For That I Read Weekly (and you should too!)

June 25, 2020 / Inspiration

With the amount of email we receive every day, it can be hard to sort through the mess to find the things we actually enjoy reading. The things that inspire us, inform us, move us. Finding good newsletters to sign up for can be hard to come by, but when you find one that you actually look forward to reading, it can be such a nice treat at the beginning of your week.

To help me stay organized and up-to-date with my favorite newsletters, I use the app/website UnRoll Me. They have a feature called The Rollup, where you can select specific emails to go to one folder (Your Rollup), rather than your Inbox. I use this feature for my newsletter subscriptions. Each day, before bed, I open that folder and go through each email and read what I enjoy, delete them, and start the process over the next day. If I add a newsletter that I end up not loving, I just unsubscribe through UnRoll Me. This way I always know where my favorite emails are and can sort through them without any hassle.

Today, I wanted to share with you five of my favorite newsletters currently! These include design, current events, and entrepreneurial topics. I love these because they are informative and thoughtful, and I think you will enjoy them as well. Send us a tweet and let us know what your favorite newsletter reads are!

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5 Smart Reads

5 Smart Reads (subscribe here) is a weekly digest of the 25 smartest reads – covering news, culture, health, and issues facing women – shared every week. It is run by Hitha Palepu of Hitha On The Go and Rho Pharmaceuticals. I love this newsletter because it provides me with a curated list of the best reads around the internet, that I usually haven’t already seen. It is really influential, inspiring and informative and just a great way to stay current on all the latest news. She usually steers clear of the trending topics, so you will find great reads on other important topics that are not front and center on mainstream media.

Freelancing Females

Freelancing Females is one of the weekly newsletters to sign up for that provides tips, jobs, and conversations, related to the gig economy. I love this one because it provides an honest look at freelancing, with lots of resources to help strengthen your own brand. I love the thoughtful curation of content + job postings in each newsletter. I don’t subscribe to a lot of design-related newsletters, so this is one I am always happy to see in my inbox.

Girls’ Night In

This one is near the top of my favorite newsletters to sign up for (signup here), it is so, so good! Officially called “a newsletter for people who’d rather stay in tonight” it delivers self-care tips and recommendations every Friday AM. Each letter might include: Weekly Picks (what to explore this weekend), Read/Watch/Listen, a fun Sponsor, Smart Reads, and more. If you want a weekly dose of the best night in recs, this newsletter is a must-read.

Spruce Rd.

Jamie, of Spruce Rd., also has a really excellent design newsletter, that I always look forward to reading. One of the main things I love about her is that she is always providing really unique content and topics in her emails, with her own personal perspective. Each Wednesday, she sends tips, behind the scenes and resources, and just has a really great point of view.

The Ann Friedman Weekly

This newsletter is full of great writing and GIFs and gems from the far-flung corners of the internet, delivered weekly. There is a free version and paid option if you want more! I love the “I’m Reading” section, which is a bunch of links from the Internet that are worth reading. Another fun edition is her Pie Charts, which are always somewhat comical + her GIF of the Week. This newsletter is a fun mix of information and humor, which I personally love.

Stay up–to–date with all things Grace Built Co. via our newsletter, delivered to your inbox monthly.