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How to Use Pinterest for Small Business

Everything you Need to Know about Boards, Pins, Repins & Followers

September 1, 2022 / Marketing

how to use Pinterest

For many small businesses, Pinterest is considered a staple in any marketing plan to build brand awareness and drive organic search traffic. We recently wrote a post about all the benefits of Pinterest for small business, if you’re on the fence about using the platform for your business you can have a look here.

If you’re already sold on using Pinterest for your business (great choice!) and want to know how to get started with boards, pinning, followers and optimizing your profile for success then read on!

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Pinterest Boards

Pinterest boards are the places where you get to save and organize your posted pins. Account-holders can create new boards when they create new pins or can add new boards from their profile section. Pinterest boards are beneficial when it comes to managing pins and it allows your target audience to browse your business profile with ease.

How to Create Pinterest Boards

Creating a Pinterest board is easy and the process only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is to click on the “Add+” button after signing into your account. This button is present on the top right corner and when clicked, opens a pop-up box. The pop-up offers several options including adding pins, uploading content, and creating new boards.

You need to choose “Create a Board” and afterwards have to add the necessary information. This includes selecting a category, giving a name to your Pinterest board, and deciding who should have access to this new board. You can give access to other contributors for this board or just keep it to yourself.

However, you must always give clear and meaningful names to your Pinterest boards. You can add basic category names or use the analytics to optimize your Pinterest board according to SEO principles.


Pinterest Board Ideas

As mentioned, Pinterest boards represent different categories and allow your audience to browse through content with ease. You can create separate boards for different audiences and topics. Below are some of the most viewed Pinterest board categories.


DIY Boards

As the name gives it away the DIY boards are for those who like to do it by themselves. Such a board can attract the audience with the “Do It Yourself” approach. So you should only add projects of such nature on this board. Add images and create pins that are self-explanatory and help users in understanding how they can do it.


Your Business Brand Board

If you are a small business, we recommend you start with this board. Create pins that convey the message of your business and describe your business journey efficiently. The best way to start a business brand board is by understanding your brand and your audience [link to archetypes post]. You may also start exploring other businesses’ marketing boards. This will provide you with the knowledge and ideas that you need to start your own board.


Cooking or Recipe Boards

We don’t have to emphasize how mad people are about cooking and recipes. If your business is in the same industry, you can quickly create a loyal audience by creating a cooking board. Other relevant businesses can take advantage of the popularity of cooking and recipe boards. If your business is involved in tourism, homewares or other relevant industries a cooking board could bring users to your account to explore your other boards.


Fashion and Culture Boards

Fashion boards are always in trend and allow you to engage with the young audience. You can share your thoughts, and support cultural movements to engage your target audience. However, for this, you must know how to spot the trends and create content accordingly.

How to Post on Pinterest

Posting on Pinterest is quite easy and all you need is a valid account. Log in to your existing account or create a new one, and then find the plus (+) sign. If you are using a desktop, this will be present at the bottom right. Click the sign and you will see the “Create a Pin” option in the pop-up.

Now all you have to do is to choose the image from the dialogue box after clicking. You can also drag an image from your computer. Once done, it’s time to give it a suitable title. To maximize your reach, we recommend you also add descriptive text. This will provide additional information to your audience and keep them engaged for a long time.

You should also use the “Add alt text” option to optimize it for the search engines. Then choose the desired board where you want your post (pin) to be organized by selecting the drop-down menu at the top.


Pin Website to Pinterest

Pinning a URL or website to interest is also easy and only takes a few clicks. You have to follow the same process that you went through to post a pin. Once you have added the image and written the description, you’ll see the “Add a destination link” option on the bottom.

Here you can place the desired URL or website address of the desired domain. Then click save and your website will be pinned to Pinterest.


Pin Video to Pinterest

Pinterest has added the Video option to offer a better user experience. The addition not only has improved its traffic but is also helping small businesses engage the audience. However, there is a certain criteria which you have to meet to pin videos to Pinterest. This includes:

File size: Maximum 2GB or less than 30 minutes

Video resolution: Minimum 240p

Video aspect ratio: 1:1 or vertical (9:16 or 2:3)

Video file type: .mp4, .mov or .m4v

To add the video, you must be logged in to your account. Then select the plus “+” sign same as adding the image and here you can upload the video. You can also drag the video from your computer to the box and it will start uploading. But you should keep in mind that the uploading may take time.

Once you have selected the video, it’s time to work on the title and the description section. You should also add the destination link (URL) and pick the suitable Pinterest board for the video. Once the video is uploaded, you can publish it immediately or schedule it for later.

There are some facts that you must consider while pinning videos to Pinterest. The approval process may take around 24 hours (for promotional and organic videos). Also, you will have to upload videos multiple times if you want to add them to more than one Pinterest board.


Pin Image to Pinterest

Uploading and pinning images to Pinterest is as easy as posting. You need to follow the same step-by-step process for this.

  • Click the Plus (+) sign
  • Click on Pin upload
  • Upload from the dialogue box or drag and drop the image
  • Give it a catchy title
  • Write a clear description with proper keywords
  • Add relevant hashtags
  • Publish the image

How to Repin on Pinterest

If you are unaware of what Repin is, it is a Pinterest that is saved to multiple boards. You can easily Repin a post using the Pinterest app or the desktop account.

To repin from your smartphone, you need to tap the pin and then click the “Save” button. Then select the desired board where you want to Repin the post and that’s it. If you are using the desktop, click the “Save” button after hovering over the pin. The rest of the process is the same as the Pinterest app.

Pinterest Idea Pins

This is a relatively new feature of Pinterest which is a multi-page video-based format. It is similar to “Instagram Stories” and allows users to share up to 20 pages in a single post. You can edit the Idea Pin, add music, tag other users, include transitions, and also record voiceovers.

Once you get yourself familiarized with the Idea Pins, try to optimize it for a specific audience. Adding text on Idea Pins is another way to engage the audience. The best part is that this added text is also searchable which means your Idea Pins will appear in searches. So, you should use relevant keywords and descriptive text to attract the potential audience of your business.

How to Share a Pinterest Board

If you want to share your Pinterest board with others, you need to log into your account. Once you are logged in, click on your business name (on the top left corner). This will make all the pins appear on your screen.
Click on the “Boards” to view your Pinterest boards. Then find your desired boards and click on them to share them with others. At the top, there will be three icons, and you need to click on the last icon (Share).
There will be multiple sharing options and you can share your Pinterest board using:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger

How to Organize Pinterest Boards

In order to add sections to your Pinterest boards or organize them, you need to click on the “Saved” section. This will display all your boards and then you can browse and choose the desired interest board. After that, you need to select the “Organize” button which will provide you with two options:

  • Select or Reorder Pins
  • Group Pins into Sections

When you click the “Sections” option, Pinterest itself will give you choices. You can use one of these suggested options to organize the board. After that, click the “Add” button to choose the pins that you want to have in this new section once you have selected all the desired pins, click the “Add Section” to organize these pins.

How to Move Pins from One Pinterest Board to Another

Another good thing about Pinterest is that it allows its users to edit, move or delete pins without a hassle. In case you want to move your pins to another board, follow the below process.

First, go to the board that has the pins that you want to move. Once there, you need to click on the top right corner and find the “Move Pins” option. Now you have to choose the pins that you want to move to another Pinterest board. For this, you need to mark the pins by clicking the box present in the top right corner of each pin.

Once you have selected all the desired pins, again go to the top right corner to select the “Move” option. Then you must pick the board where you are trying to move your pins.

Takeaway Words

Now that you know how to use Pinterest and the various features to create content for your business, you can build a Pinterest strategy to promote your business. Always keep your target audience and brand image in mind, happy pinning!