How to Brand Yourself on Social Media – Creating On-brand Content

November 5th, 2020 / Branding

how to brand yourself on social media

It’s great to have a brand, but what is more important is getting your brand known and seen by others. Knowing how to brand yourself on social media can be one of the most important parts of growing your business. Today we’re going to cover keeping your brand consistent across your social media channels and appealing to your ideal clients through on-brand content.

You have the power to present your brand in so many creative ways. With popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook that have been around for years, you have the opportunity to reach a wide audience. Your entire business can be promoted with these 2 platforms alone.

However, nowadays, marketers are becoming more savvy in the way brands can establish themselves in a saturated market. Some of the more popular trends being TikTok and Youtube. This can be largely attributed to the increasing demand for video content.

Research by the Influencer Marketing Hub found that TikTok has the highest engagement rate per post than any other social media app! Which is something you’d want to hear as a business getting started on social media.

Social media can be a powerful tool when connecting with your audience and growing your brand. But, as a business, there needs to be an element of strategy involved for your brand to flourish and truly benefit.

It’s important that when you are posting on social media (whichever platforms you choose) that your brand comes across as professional and consistent throughout.

Why you need on-brand content for social media?

The goal of social media is to share your business and its services along with creating meaningful engagement with the right audience. And for your brand to achieve recognition, there needs to be a pattern that people can easily identify as ‘your business’ aside from your business name.

How to brand yourself on social media

1. Know your brand colors, fonts, assets and style …and stick to them

Color in branding is one of the most important elements of brand recognition. As humans we are wired to recognise color before we process imagery, content or anything else.

Think about some of the most popular brands. You think of Coca-Cola and the color red comes to mind. You think of Starbucks and the color green appears. These are all brand colors that stick in our mind because the companies have done a great job at consistently branding themselves using their colors.

Whenever you are creating visual content for social media you want to be sure to keep every element of your visual brand consistent. Use your logo when appropriate and keep your fonts consistent with other marketing materials like your website or business cards.

2. Content and imagery that aligns with your ideal client

When you spend time planning out your content and the types of posts you want to share, you need to be selective with what is and is not on-brand for your business. For example, you have a business selling life coaching to stressed professionals. Your brand has a very calming, motivated and inspiring personality. Your audience most likely align with those traits and respond well to inspiring quotes, peaceful imagery and motivational stories. What might not fit so well, is a cat meme you find funny.

It’s important to remember who you are serving and what your brand stands for. I’m sure there are lots of funny memes you like to share with your friends, but maybe not on your professional business platform.

A great way to reflect on ideas would be to ask yourself, if my brand were a person, would this be something they share on social media. If not, reconsider. Once you have a better understanding of the type of content people respond well to, you can create a pattern to follow, making the process a little bit easier to work with.

Expert tip: make sure to create brand guidelines that include how your logo, colors and fonts should be used. Include information about the kind of imagery to use throughout your marketing so that it’s easier to stay consistent. Brand guidelines are great to remind you how to use your brand for the biggest impact and useful if you have a team member or freelancer helping.

3. Know your brands personality and express it

Brand personality is a subjective topic. You decide how you want your brand to be portrayed to customers and present your brand in such a way. There is no right or wrong answer. Check out our post on brand archetypes to get a better understanding of branding and the different types of personalities your brand could represent.

Once you have identified your brand’s personality make sure to show this throughout your social media. You can start by writing copy that matches the brand in captions, bios and hashtags. Another great way is through video and audio. Creating short stories, IGTV or TikTok videos showing your brand’s personality. If you’re not too comfortable getting in front of the camera just yet, a great alternative is using audio over some on-brand images or content that again aligns with the brand’s personality. Which takes me onto my next point.

4. Promote other businesses who share your values

Lastly, is to build a community around your brand’s personality and embrace others who align with you. There is no harm in supporting other small businesses, whether they are in the same industry or not. It’s a sign of value and trust, which other business owners appreciate a lot. You can do this is many ways;

You could follow them, like and share their posts, leave positive comments, mention them in your own posts, promote their services or products you truly love etc.

Not only does this help their business reach more eyes, but it creates a feeling of belonging for your followers encouraging them to further engage on your posts and others who share a similar personality. Who knows, you might learn something from each other and collaborate on future projects. Win-win!

Ready to create some social media brand awareness?

Ultimately, creating on-brand content for your social media is a crucial way of being seen and remembered by the audience you desire. Yes, it takes time and it can be difficult to remain consistent. But, you and your business can reap the rewards in the future. Take the time to create amazing social media now so that you don’t have to struggle years down the line.