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Everything I Read in 2020

January 7, 2021 / Books

Everything I Read In 2020, Ranked.

As the daughter of a librarian, I am a proud reader of fiction, memoir, poetry, non-fiction, YA, and children’s books. Last year, I read 58 books in total, and in 2020 came in at 44 books total. I love seeing what other people have been reading, so I wanted to share my favorites of the year with you.

I chose to break this list into two categories (fiction and non-fiction), and rank them in order of my favorites, to my least favorites. Hard task, I know! To keep it shorter, I am not listing a description of each book, but Goodreads is a great resource to learn more about each book listed in this post.

Keep reading for a list of 44 of the books I read in 2020, ranked! 


  1. Circe
  2. The Nightingale
  3. The Great Alone
  4. The Immortalists
  5. Lilac Girls
  6. The Ocean at the End of the Lane
  7. The Illness Lesson
  8. The Book of Two Ways
  9. The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories
  10. The Wives
  11. The Vanishing Half
  12. An Anonymous Girl
  14. This is Pleasure
  15. The Power
  16. Vessel
  17. The Round House
  18. The Kiss Quotient
  19. The Bell Jar
  20. Red, White & Royal Blue
  21. Such a Fun Age
  22. Behold the Dreamers
  23. Authority
  24. Jack and the Ghost
  25. The Book of Memory


  1. In This Timeless Time
  2. Born a Crime
  3. The Fire This Time
  4. Life and Freedom on Death Row
  5. Dogs Are People, Too
  6. Poorlier Drawn Lines
  7. You Can Only Yell At Me for One Thing at a Time
  8. Start With Why
  9. The Constitution of the United States of America
  10. Three Women
  11. Open Book
  12. Bad Feminist
  13. Humanimal
  14. Dream Big Dreams
  15. This Book is Anti-Racist
  16. Navigate Your Stars
  17. On Tyranny
  18. The Glass Castle
  19. The Self-Care Solution

There you have it! On each list, I would say 1-5 are must-reads and the rest you could give a shot….or not. For 2021, I am starting with the third book in the Southern Reach Trilogy: Acceptance.