Five Newsletters I Read Weekly (and you should too!)

March 18, 2019 / Inspiration

With the amount of email we receive every day, it can be hard to sort through the mess to find the things we actually enjoy reading. The things that inspire us, inform us, move us. A good newsletter can be hard to come by, but when you find one that you actually look forward to reading, it can be such a nice treat at the beginning of your week.

To help me stay organized and up-to-date with my favorite newsletters, I use the app/website UnRoll Me. They have a feature called The Rollup, where you can select specific emails to go to one folder (Your Rollup), rather than your Inbox. I use this feature for my newsletter subscriptions. Each day, before bed, I open that folder and go through each email and read what I enjoy, delete them, and start the process over the next day. If I add a newsletter that I end up not loving, I just unsubscribe through UnRoll Me. This way I always know where my favorite emails are and can sort through them without any hassle.

Today, I wanted to share with you five of my favorite newsletters currently! These include design, current events, and entrepreneurial topics. I love these because they are informative and thoughtful, and I think you will enjoy them as well. Send us a tweet and let us know what your favorite newsletter reads are!

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5 Smart Reads

5 Smart Reads (subscribe here) is a weekly digest of the 25 smartest reads – covering news, culture, health, and issues facing women – shared every week. It is run by Hitha Palepu of Hitha On The Go and Rho Pharmaceuticals. I love this newsletter because it provides me with a curated list of the best reads around the internet, that I usually haven’t already seen. It is really influential, inspiring and informative and just a great way to stay current on all the latest news. She usually steers clear of the trending topics, so you will find great reads on other important topics that are not front and center on mainstream media.

Rowan Made

Bre, of Rowan Made, has really stepped up her newsletter game lately (Hey, You Got A Letter) with design and business specific series and topics. When you sign up for her newsletter, you are greeted with this description: “There are no opt-in promises or fancy workbooks on the other side. Just me, being honest with you.” And, what I love about her, is just how true that is. She is relatable, honest and down-to-earth, and because of how successful her business, Rowan Made, has been, you know you can trust her advice and knowledge.

Detox Your Thoughts

This newsletter (signup here), by Goodful for Buzzfeed, is therapy in newsletter form. Delivered to your inbox over a month, it provides tips and advice for how to live a healthier, happier, kinds, safer and more beautiful life. Written by a clinical psychologist, this newsletter provides action items to help you make the most of life and learn more about mental health. I found it to be really insightful, and the action items at the end of each email to be really helpful.

Spruce Rd.

Jamie, of Spruce Rd., also has a really excellent design newsletter, that I always look forward to reading. One of the main things I love about her is that she is always providing really unique content and topics in her emails, with her own personal perspective. Each Wednesday, she sends tips, behind the scenes and resources, and just has a really great point of view.

The Skimm

If you haven’t already heard of The Skimm, it is a daily newsletter (subscribe here), that provides you with a rundown of all the news and info you need to start your day on the right foot. It has saved me countless hours of reading and researching newspapers because it delivers bite-size news topics straight to my inbox, so I always know what is going on and have enough information to feel informed.

Stay up–to–date with all things Grace Built Co. via our newsletter, delivered to your inbox monthly.