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July 2022 I part one

The Benefits of Using Pinterest 
for Small Businesses

Pinterest can help small businesses grow, and can be a beneficial part of your marketing strategy. Quickly engage your target audience by using its analytics. Happy pinning!

Pinterest is one of the biggest social media platforms in terms of monthly users. According to Statista, more than 250 million users visit this image-focused platform monthly. What’s even more interesting is its potential to influence the audience when it comes to online shopping. Did you know that around 87% of Pinterest bought at least one product after seeing it on Pinterest? This is one of many reasons why businesses are trying to reach their audience on this social media platform. If you are one such small business trying to capitalize on this market, we have written a useful guide for you.

Ready for the formula for using Pinterest for small business? Read on!

Did you know that around 87% of Pinterest bought at least one product after seeing it on Pinterest?

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest was launched in 2010 and the platform just kept growing afterwards. This is an image sharing service which provides useful information to users through photos and infographics. Users post images (and videos) which are known as Pins and the process is called pinning. Although you can follow, like, and share, Pinterest acts more like a search engine that a traditional social media platform.

What Are The Benefits of Using Pinterest for Small Business?

Pinterest stands out as the best platform for businesses among other social media companies. Its benefits are aplenty and hard to overlook when it comes to business promotion. Below are some of the most acclaimed benefits of Pinterest for small businesses.

1. Spot Emerging Trends

Pinterest allows users to share images of their favorite and desired products. We know that people tend to share photos and designs that they cherish or desire to own. This creates an opportunity for retailers, especially small businesses to find out what people are looking for on the internet.

Explore what people are searching for the most on Pinterest by using its algorithm. This way you can know what trends are emerging and what type of services or products you should offer to your audience.

2. Increase Brand Authority

As a major search engine, Pinterest allows businesses to reach their target audience and establish authority. When you use a Pinterest business account, you get to take advantage of its unique features:

  • Promote your services/products
  • Create a dedicated community
  • Reach a wider audience

You can optimize your profile and make users fall in love with your business. All you need to do is publish pins, share unique, original images, and offer useful information to people. Once they get hooked, you can turn these visitors into buyers and maybe into loyal customers.

3. Drive Website Traffic

Pinterest allows its business users to add a verified website address to their profile. This allows small businesses to grow traffic and drive quality leads on their sites. You can also add URLs to your Pins (posts) relevant to a specific product or service. Moreover, you can list your pricing, distinctive features, and other key details to ensure you drive good quality and relevant traffic to your website.

Are there any additional benefits?

Another benefit that sets Pinterest apart from other social media platforms is its analytics. When you share an image relevant to your product or services, you can evaluate the audience’s response. You can see how many people viewed your pin, the number of impressions, and how many clicks it got.

Based on that info, Pinterest also allows businesses to run ads. You can promote a specific pin and see how it performs on the platform. You can run ads to create brand awareness, promote products or services, or improve your website traffic. All you need is eye-catching images to engage the audience.

On Pinterest, people are searching for information all the time. They browse visuals to find the right service or products that can solve their issues. So when you run ads after evaluating the user behavior through analytics, you can improve your ad results.

You can run ads to create brand awareness, promote products or services, or improve your website traffic.

Pinterest Business Account vs Personal

A personal Pinterest account allows the user to create pins, boards, and repin the content to engage other people. On the other hand, with a Pinterest business account, you get to enjoy some additional features.

You can easily switch from a personal account to a Pinterest business account. Moreover, users can also connect other social accounts (Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube) with their Pinterest business accounts.

We have a whole post about the key differences between Personal and Business Pinterest accounts coming up next, so stay posted!