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Aiyana Coaching

2021 / Brainerd Lakes

Aiyana Coaching is a leadership coaching business, lead by Paula Chapulis,
for executives, managers, directors and service-oriented small-business owners in the Brainerd Lakes area and beyond. Offering both one-on-one and group coaching, as well as a 6-week mental fitness program, Aiyana Coaching focuses on mental fitness and thought models to address self-sabotage, burn out, imposter syndrome, communication issues and confidence building. 

Brand Tone: Transformational, Inviting, Approachable, Clean, Fresh, Minimal, Impactful, Playful, Bold

Our Role: Brand Identity, Brand Collateral, Website Audit

Brand identity and logo design for Aiyana Coaching.

Presented Concepts

Aiyana Coaching needed a brand image that captured its unique vision, while maintaining a transformational and approachable feel. We created three visual identities that were portrayed the vibe of Aiyana Coaching: inviting, impactful, and bold.

Crafted with Care by Grace Built Co.